I came across this article about re-inventing your personal style. I have felt in a rut lately…could be the winter blahs, the never-ending stomach flu that took over my household since my last post, or the fact that my closet kinda looks like this…

So…I am looking to give myself a good kick-in-the-pants, and reclaim that new year motivation that so quickly left me. My favorite take-away’s from the article:

#2 Find your true colors. My husband bought a plum-colored maxi dress for me last summer because he liked the style and color on me. I would never have chosen this for myself, but he was right. I need to wear this (and this color) more often. Yes, I look good in blues and greens, but there are more colors in the rainbow, right?

#4 Update your basics. I wear the same stuff over and over and over. Some of this stuff is starting to show its age. I know what colors, sleeve-lengths, necklines etc. I like. I just need to build upon that, and toss the stuff that doesn’t work. Recently, I purchased this striped tunic to replace my beloved Isaac Mizrahi for Target red-striped tee.

Sounds simple, right? Yeah…hopefully I will have made some progress this time next week. Maybe I’ll even have a before-and-after! I love before-and-afters, don’t you?