I never knew how profoundly blogs would impact my creativity. Yes, I have had to fight the ugly temptation to compare. You know what I mean: it’s the trap of seeing all the wonderful, successful, creative bloggers around you and thinking…what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do that? Why don’t I have that?

But it’s just that…a trap! Nothing is “wrong” with you. You can do that! You CAN live a happier, more creative life. But I have found, in my short-lived blogging endeavor, that I need to do two things to own my creativity and pursue all the wonderful dreams in my head: overcome my fear, and work HARD.

So many bloggers have inspired me to find that thing that I really love and go after it without fear. Janell Beals is the first that comes to mind. Her online magazine, House of Fifty, was born from the realization that she had the power to make her dream a reality, even if no one else was on board.

Rashon Carraway, a true Southern Gentleman, has elevated thrift store shopping to an art form under the moniker Mr. Goodwill Hunting. His many appearances on the Nate Berkus Show demonstrate without fail that style doesn’t have to come with a fat price tag. He has done things with thrift store finds that you would be hard-pressed to find in any retail store.



Then, there is Annie Sloan, creator of the eponymous chalk paint, who has revolutionized the painted furniture trend. Watching this video from her blog, I cannot help but feel inspired. That lady makes me want to get up and make something beautiful (namely that credenza in my basement gotten for free from CraigsList).

I could go on and on…so many inspiring folks in the blogosphere! The takeaway: none of their successes have come without adversity and hard work. That is the inspiring thing: that they did not give up!

So, who inspires you? And what are you doing with that inspiration?