Always classic: white & denim

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, this picture reveals one of the reasons I took a break from blogging.

You guessed it…the Suburban Style family is expanding (along with my waistline). I’m keeping it classic (and comfy) today with the always right white shirt and a recent purchase: jeans in a larger size, as my regular pairs are too small and my maternity pairs are still a little too roomy to be comfortable. And the best part, my jewelry always fits no matter what trimester I am in!

white shirt (Motherhood), jeans (Old Navy), necklace (Premier jewelry), fabric flats (Target)

Hop on over to The Pleated Poppy where I’m joining the WIWW link party. It’s always fun to see what the rest of the blogosphere is wearing!


Get growing at home

Even though this past winter was really mild, the cold, dark days are always hard on this Carolina girl. I love pouring over the garden pages in Southern Living each month. Springtime brings an explosion of green, and I decided it was time to bring a little of that green home.

I started by cleaning out the containers on my front porch and trying a little thriller, spiller, filler action. I combined lavender phlox and white petunias with a tall grass-like plant.

Moving indoors, I wanted to add a little green to my mantle. I found what looked like a small peace lily (but with a pinky red flower) at IKEA. I brought it home and decided to plant it in something I already had…a glass hurricane.

And because I’m a Southern girl, I just couldn’t resist plopping a big ol’ fern in front of the fireplace to disguise the brass and glass insert that my husband wants to replace one of these days.

So, have you “gone green” this Spring? Join me over at Centsational Girl today. Kate is hosting a “look what I planted” link party where you are sure to find loads of inspiration!

(re)Finish what your started…

One of my favorite Winston Churchill quotes (made famous by the hilariously bad Tim Allen movie Galaxy Quest) is: “Never give up! Never surrender!”

Lately, a lot has happened on the home front that made me want to quit this blog along with other creative endeavors I had begun. I may be a lot of things, but a quitter is not one of them.

So, please forgive my absence. I will try to show up on a more regular basis from now on. In the meanwhile, here is a little taste of what I’ve been up to:

I picked up this table from CraigsList a couple years ago because I wanted a small breakfast table for our eat-in kitchen. For what it lacked in style (I would have preferred a better-looking pedestal base), it made up for in price: $40. As you can see, I started to refinish the top. It is solid wood and both sides drop down, making for a pretty versatile little piece. However, I got lazy and never sealed the top. The finish began to wear way from morning after morning of scrubbing away crusty oatmeal and dried yogurt.

This weekend, I sanded and re-stained the whole thing, base and all. I just have to seal the top with wipe-on poly before our house guests arrive this weekend! I’ll post the “after” photo as soon as I have one…

Get your groove back…

Thanks so much to all the visitors from The Pleated Poppy and Momma go Round yesterday! It was fun to see all the WIWW/RMRS entries.

If all I had to do was get dressed in the morning, life would be easy, right? But we all know that’s not a reality no matter your station in life. As a mother of many, organization is key in my home. I try to run a tight ship, but even “the best-laid plans…often go awry.”

I received this article by Aby Garvey in my inbox last week, and it was just the motivation I needed to trudge on. If you’re not familiar with Aby or her website Simplify 101, read on:

Aby Garvey is a creative organizing expert and the founder and co-owner of Simplify 101’s mission is to make getting organized fun! Get a taste of simplify 101—and the organized life—with their FREE, simple-to-follow guide How to Create a Command Central Binder You’ll put together a home reference binder that will help you get organized, save time, and minimize paper clutter and the stress it creates!

I am sharing this article with Aby’s permission. I was not solicited by Simplify 101; I just really love her service and wanted to share with my readers. Aby is so encouraging and inspiring; I hope you enjoy her tips, too.

Black & Blue…

A great way to order your steak (not really appropriate for Ash Wednesday, though). It’s also a great color combo.

love my curly-headed boy

Today, I’m staying comfy and casual in a too-big sweater I layered over a t-shirt. I purposely bought this sweater several sizes too big because I liked the drapey look. Yes, I still have a Christmas swag on my front door…

I’m linking to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Lindsey is super cute! If you’ve never read her blog (where have you been?), pop on over and check it out.

I am also linking to “real momma. real style.” Join Nina at Momma Go Round for some more stylish mommas.

2 for Tuesday: Floral pants

If you’ve been following Spring trends, you’ve likely noticed the abundance of floral pants gracing the runways. While I am not a big trend-follower, I was delighted to see that those floral crops in the back of my closet are now “on trend.”

If you don’t have a pair lurking in your closet, fear not. Here are two lovely examples from J. Crew and Talbot’s.

Today, I am starting what I hope will be a fun series: 2 for Tuesday. Inspired by Jill’s Work it Wednesday, I will take one piece and style it two ways. Here are two ways I plan to wear my floral crops this Spring!

For a more conservative, wear-to-work look: white button down (Talbot’s), cable-knit cardigan (Gap), floral crops, vintage pearls and black pumps (Nine West).

For a casual, fun look: pink top (Talbot’s), red coral necklace (gift from hubby), pink glass bracelet (Target) and baby pink patent heels (DSW).

So, are you shopping for floral pants? Which look do you like best?

My Closet, part 2

So y’all remember this post? Umm, yeah…I’ve made no progress whatsoever. I am great when it comes to imagining goals, but horrible when it comes to actually making them happen. I guess that’s a side benefit of raising 5 small children.

baby on my hip makes 5

If I had some spare change, I would totally hire this lady. Truth be told, I am dreading putting order to my closet. I know I can’t be the only one based on the sheer number of organizing articles and services available.

Maybe a 30×30 remix is what I need to kick-start my creativity. You’re right, what I really need is a good old-fashioned clean-up. But is anyone else getting tired of the same old boots, jeans and sweater combos? How do you get through the winter months with style?

Stylish comfort

What do you do when you just don’t feel like getting dressed? This has been me lately: sick kids, sick husband, sick self… I have been living in this oversized sweatshirt/sweatpants combo a lot lately. Not outside the house, mind you! But, still, I’ve worn this sad combo way too much lately.

Enter My Style Challenge, a new blog I discovered the other day. She had just the post I needed to read: Dressing When You Don’t Want to Get Dressed.

image from My Style Challenge

I know this isn’t groundbreaking, but sometimes it’s the little reminders that are most helpful. So, I’m off to break out my leggings and flats!

How do you keep it stylish yet comfortable?

Re-invent yourself…start with your closet

I came across this article about re-inventing your personal style. I have felt in a rut lately…could be the winter blahs, the never-ending stomach flu that took over my household since my last post, or the fact that my closet kinda looks like this…

So…I am looking to give myself a good kick-in-the-pants, and reclaim that new year motivation that so quickly left me. My favorite take-away’s from the article:

#2 Find your true colors. My husband bought a plum-colored maxi dress for me last summer because he liked the style and color on me. I would never have chosen this for myself, but he was right. I need to wear this (and this color) more often. Yes, I look good in blues and greens, but there are more colors in the rainbow, right?

#4 Update your basics. I wear the same stuff over and over and over. Some of this stuff is starting to show its age. I know what colors, sleeve-lengths, necklines etc. I like. I just need to build upon that, and toss the stuff that doesn’t work. Recently, I purchased this striped tunic to replace my beloved Isaac Mizrahi for Target red-striped tee.

Sounds simple, right? Yeah…hopefully I will have made some progress this time next week. Maybe I’ll even have a before-and-after! I love before-and-afters, don’t you?